About Bleu Northeast Seafood

At Bleu, we aim to provide a warm, friendly and refined dining experience in a comfortable and stylish setting.

Chef Doug Paine celebrates the connection of Lake Champlain to the sea by sourcing the finest, freshest quality regional seafood. Each morning, Doug networks with local and regional farmers, purveyors, and fishermen to source our menu, with daily deliveries from the ports.

Here in the heart of western New England, Doug draws inspiration and from Montreal and the St. Lawrence Region, as well as selecting from the fresh catch the cold Atlantic waters of the New England coast and the Maritimes. Outside of our Region-Doug receives wild salmon directly from a sea captain friend in Alaska.

At Bleu, we strive to source seafood raised in sustainable fisheries, and serve simple, yet sophisticated preparations to present the inherently dramatic and delicious flavors and textures of the harvest.

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