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Pete’s Greens

Pete’s Greens is a certified organic, four season, vegetable farm located on the edge of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom in Craftsbury, VT. We believe whole-heartedly that as more Vermonters eat locally, we will become healthier as communities and as individuals. By deciding to eat locally you support thousands of small producers such as creameries, cheesemakers, slaughterhouses, […]

Hotel Vermont

Vermonters are known for being independent, together. And like Vermont, Hotel Vermont is full of compatible contradictions. Located in the heart of what historically used to be Little Italy in downtown Burlington near the shores of Lake Champlain, we’re rustic and modern, local and global, natural and sophisticated, hand wrought and high tech.

Wood Mountain Fish

The French have an expression, “joie de vivre,” and it describes someone who’s just really amped on life. Unfortunately, they don’t have an expression for “joie de fish”, because that would be Ethan Wood.

Starbird Fish

Captain Anthony Naples is the sole proprietor of Starbird Fish – a small, fisherman owned and operated business. The endeavor was founded with the goal of creating a direct link between Vermont and the bountiful Alaskan fisheries. Having spent his youth in Vermont, Naples currently spends up to half the year at sea chasing everything […]